Mal: You want to tell me how come there's a statue of you here looking at me like I owe him something? Jayne: Wishing I could, Captain.


ita's thread

A place where we can talk about ita, miss ita, and share information about memorials. The hugging started over here in Natter.

DavidS - Dec 24, 2022 5:39:53 pm PST #3087 of 3136
"Look, son, if it's good enough for Shirley Bassey, it's good enough for you."

and I still have amyth's in there from the year I was her secret santa.


I was Ouise's Secret Santa one year. I sent her the Gorey Dracula paper stage set.

The WFMU lunchbox I got from Tom as my Secret Santa is prominently displayed at the new house.

The Judy Garland box I got from Laura one year is on temporary loan to a friend who was going through a tough stretch and is a huge Judy fan.

Dana - Dec 25, 2022 9:49:19 am PST #3088 of 3136
"I'm useless alone." // "We're all useless alone. It's a good thing you're not alone."

I sent amyth Hedwig earrings from her Etsy wishlist and a little compact from the New Orleans art museum.

brenda m - Dec 25, 2022 10:37:20 am PST #3089 of 3136
If you're going through hell/keep on going/don't slow down/keep your fear from showing/you might be gone/'fore the devil even knows you're there

I had just met a guy who did animal portraits at a benefit and for Secret Santa I reached out and had him do a sketch of Amyth’s Lulu, who had passed recently. I think that was my favorite Santa.

javachik - Dec 27, 2022 1:59:29 pm PST #3090 of 3136
Our wings are not tired.

She LOVED that portrait, Brenda. Well done!!

Laura - Jan 04, 2023 5:44:44 am PST #3091 of 3136
Our wings are not tired.

I always remember ita's birthday because she shares it with my sister. Not the only day of the year when I think of her, but a day I always think of her. Just a couple days ago I saw a young man resting in front of a Jamaican grocery drinking a Ting, and I smiled.

Jesse - Jan 11, 2023 4:00:28 pm PST #3092 of 3136
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

The NYTimes crossword puzzle has "Ankh-carrying goddess" as a clue today, which of course made me think of ita.

Toddson - May 10, 2023 1:18:25 pm PDT #3093 of 3136
Friends don't let friends read "Atlas Shrugged"

I saw the photos of Harvey Guillen at the Met Gala and, at first, thought he was wearing pink gingham. I don't think he was, but he'd be a worthy addition to the Pink Gingham Junta, wouldn't he.

Steph L. - May 10, 2023 1:49:41 pm PDT #3094 of 3136
Apparently if you're enough of a power nerd, there is nothing that cannot be flowcharted.

It wasn't pink gingham, but he did look spectacular at the Met Gala, and I think he'd be darling in pink gingham.

-t - May 10, 2023 2:37:23 pm PDT #3095 of 3136
I am a woman of various inclinations and only some of the time are they to burn everything down in frustration

And we know he can do a spectacular fight scene.

Laura - Jul 07, 2023 11:03:01 am PDT #3096 of 3136
Our wings are not tired.

Today was Frandenbuddha's birthday. Gone far too soon. Tipping my imaginary bowler hat in memory.