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Buffista Businesses

Drollerie Press (posted by Deena)
An indie book publisher of primarily mythic and fantastic fiction.

Hope in Transit, a traveling music school (posted by Liese S.)
Hope in Transit is a small non-profit organization out of Arizona. Our primary program is a traveling music school that shares a little love through music lessons on the Navajo and Apache reservations. Feel free to contact me for non-profit questions.

JenP, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant Website (posted by JenP)
As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I sell Mary Kay skin care, body care, fragrances and color cosmetics. I also can help others who are interested in starting their own Mary Kay business.

Erin Griggs: Wordslinger (posted by Strix)
Writing & Editorial Services. I write articles and blogs on a variety of topics. I also write content for businesses. I create killer rsums and cover letters. Im also a fantastic copyeditor.

Webcomics of Interest

Two Lumps (posted by WindSparrow)
Two Lumps: The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch - two cats who love gooshy food and the occasional haiku.

xkcd (posted by § ita §)
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. XKCD updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Podcasts of interest

Lin's Bin (posted by aurelia)
The topic can be anything, and always contains bits of songs/TV shows/movies pertaining to the topic (including the occasional Buffy clip). It's just random and fun. Each podcast is around 5 minutes long.

Core Buffista Sites Status Page (posted by § ita §)
Bookmark this page to check for messages if you can't get

Buffista's Flickr Group (posted by DCJensen)
Opt-in only access to shared Buffista photos, mostly form F2F's

Buffista Announcement List
Join this Yahoo! Group to receive announcements about the Buffista community after Table Talk becomes a paid service.

Buffista Contingency Plan
Buffista colony at WorldCrossing, including spiffy pictures!

Buffista FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about Buffy, Table Talk and the symbolism of leather pants.

Buffista Gallery
Photo gallery of the Buffistas. Put a name to a pseudonym! Submit yours today! Thanks muchly to Jon B. for organizing and hosting.

Buffista Random Quote Generator
Buff dive for Buffista quotes!

The Buffista Files (Zipped Whole Thread Downloads)
An archive of the Buffista threads from Table Talk, World Crossing, and any future Buffista home sites.

The Buffista Filk Archive
Web archive of BtVS and Angel filk produced by the Buffistas on the TableTalk and WorldCrossing Buffista threads.

Buffista Regional Mailing Lists (posted by § ita §)
New in town? Looking for like-minded Buffistas in your new locale? Join a local Buffista mailing list! Currently there are lists for Somerville/Boston, Baltimore/DC, LA, Bay Area, Texas, and Halifax. You can get information about joining any of these list

All In One Buffistas Map (powered by Frappr, powered by Google) (posted by § ita §)
[superceded by our own mashup]

Buffistas on Facebook (posted by DCJensen)
Just a gathering place for us on Facebook. Closed group.

Buffista Affiliate Links

Barnes and Noble List of Buffista Creations (posted by § ita §)
We don't have an affiliation with them, but this is a stab at a fairly comprehensive list of Buffista books and TV shows and movies.

Powell's Books (posted by Jesse)
Use this link to Powell's, and will get a percentage!

In association with (posted by Jesse)
Use this link to, and will get a percentage!

In association with (posted by Jesse)
Use this link to, and will get a percentage!

Buffista Bookshelf at Powells (posted by § ita §)

Lush (posted by § ita §)
Get your sparkle/smooth/scent on!

Buffista Swag from CafePress (posted by Jessica)
Go! Buy! goodies abound. T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, messenger bags, hats, and more. (posted by Jesse)
Use this link for, and will get a percentage!

Buffy/Angel Reference Links

All Things Philosophical on BtVS
Masquerade's episode guide and treatment of all things metaphyical and mystical in the Jossverse. Now with 50% more Buffista quotage!

Bronze VIP Posting Board Archives
Joss speaks! And it gets archived here.

Not as useful since an unfortunate site redesign, but still the most complete Buffy episode guide, complete with airing dates and trivia.

City of Angel
Fabulous site all about Angel The Series - pics, reviews, posting boards etc etc. Looks & sounds absolutely gorgeous, although still under construction at present.

Television Without Pity
Formerly Mighty Big TV. The snarkiest Buffy/Angel episode recaps on the net. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll snort your soda.

Useless Buffy Spoilers (posted by Ouise)
Want more than taunting from the Atlantic Canadians? You can also get a taste of the next Buffy episode a day early. Ouise and her sister Nora collect their favourite lines that don't give away what's going on, and mention a few things to look out for.

Encyclopedie Buffy contre les Vampires
Horrible frustration sexuelle entre Buffy et Angel! Buffy rvulse par les hommes et le sexe! Willow : les plus beaux fantasmes du Scooby gang! And, of course, M. Pointu.

Hellmouth Central (posted by § ita §)
"Covering the Whedonverse with attitude"

The Hellmouth Library (posted by DCJensen)
A listing of real-world books mentioned or shown on BTVS.

jengod's recap of the Un-aired BtVS Pilot (posted by Topic!Cindy)
Recap of the Infamous Unaired Half-Hour Buffy Pilot, complete with the Wrong Willow (!), a different Principal Flutie, a different library, and a disturbing lack of our favorite vampire-with-a-soul v.1, Hairloaf. See other link also for a YouTube present

Whedontube (posted by DCJensen)
Youtube Look out. It's Whedontube.

Firefly Links

SS Free (posted by xgmx)
And god said...

Nilly's Firefly Reviews (posted by DCJensen)
Nilly's stream-of-consciousness reviews/remarks about each episode of the TV Series Firefly. These were originally posted on the Buffistas board, where they gathered a sort of mini-fandom among Buffista Brown Coats. Nilly is an Israeli person who cl

Firefly Official Board (posted by § ita §)

Firefly Screencaps (posted by § ita §)

Buffista Personal Homepages

Better Pageantry Through Science
Betsy Hanes Perry's article about the crazy holiday pageant at her kids' school. HYDROGEN!

Gudanov's Coucholympics
A demonstration of proto-Slayer aptitudes.

Vampire Ecology in the Jossverse
Brian T's mathematical analysis of 'predator-prey population dynamics' in Sunnydale, CA. Warning: contains equations.

Better Pageantry Through Science - mp3
Jon B. reading Betsy's article on his Xmas eve 2001 radio show.

Victor D. Infante's homepage
Home page for Victor's poetry, screenwriting and journalism, including his interviews with Amber Benson and Tim Minear, and his "Buffy" spec scripts.

Spike's Chip (posted by spikeschip42)
James Marsters/Spike fan site with quotes, information, interviews, artwork, images, his music and lots more.

Deb Grabien's home pages (posted by deborah grabien)
Books both out of print and coming, links to favourite traditional music sites

The Raving Reviews by Anya (posted by DXMachina)
Anya's uproarious Angel recaplets.

You'll All Pay (posted by Aims)
Miracleman's ranting and raving about politics, pop culture and anything else that comes into his pointed little head.

BohemianCrip (posted by erikaj)
Erika shares her feelings about disability, art, and the latest things that grind her gears, as well as the occasional excerpt.

Buffista Fanfiction

'Bad Night' by Switch
Anya G.'s Faith-Drusilla fic.

'Chaos Theory' by FayJay
A short fic about how Cordy became computer-literate, set around the start of AtS 1

'Spike Jones's Diary' by Jonquil
30something female singletons aren't the only ones who record their thoughts...

'Spiral' Script Rewrite
Hubris? Perhaps. But many of us think this script for episode 20, season 5 is more true to the established characterizations of our beloved characters. There's a second copy here:

'With Stunning Alacrity...' The Spike's Bitch Fanfic Archive
Archive for Spike-fic (and a few non-Spike fics too) written by Spike's Bitches, largely posted for the first time on the Spike's Bitch thread. Lots of NC-17.

Bugger This
Fiction by FayJay, Herself and Kalima.

Elena's Stories
Elena B's site for fanfic. Lots of Spike, lots of Xander, quite a bit of slash and porn. Mostly NC-17. You have been warned.

Connie N's place of the Two Ladies of Quality
Fic. And fic. There's supposed to be more, but it's fic. Mostly slashy, a lot of it NC17. I like Spike and I like Xander, but I also like Wes and Gunn.

Recalibration (posted by P.M. Marc)
PMM/Minim Calibre's personal archive. May contain slash.

"Bittersweets":Buffy/Spike fic by Herself (posted by Herself)
The Bittersweets is a novel-length collection of tales about the love affair that might have been, had season 6 gone otherwise. Springs from "Wrecked." Winner of a Watching You Award

'No Title to Virtue' by Shrift.
A series of insightful and largely angsty snippets about Spike. Dark stuff, including a wee bit of slash. But very, very good.

"Direction," by Holli
Just a little ficlet. Set after "Normal Again."

What She Deserves (posted by Herself)
Buffy's summer vacation, post-"Grave." Set in New York City and points west. What happens when Spike comes back into her life. NC-17.

Foamy Pictures of Cast Members - The Essence of Amber
Another one of Little Willow's amazing array of cast sites. Endorsed by Amber.
Best and most complete CC archive on the web, including all the vixen-y ones from the men's mags.
Yummy little country lawyers for everyone!
The best and most comprehensive James Marsters fansite, with archived JM stuff going back to his theater days.

Buffyverse (posted by skylark)
Best place for high quality & large quantity pics. The site is in Germen, which you don't need to be able to read for the galeries. (posted by Monique)
Nicholas Brendon's official Web site. Doesn't have a whole lot of pictures, but there's other fun to be had. And besides, this is the closest category I could find.

Andy Hallett UK (posted by Katie)
A fansite dedicated to the actor Andy Hallett (Andrew Alcott Hallett) who played the green, demon Lorne in the TV Show Angel.


The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies.

Two Of A Kind
- In every generation there's a Slayer... now there's two! Dedicated to the 2 coolest Slayers, Buffy and Faith. Read and submit fanfics, win awards, pics, episode guides, spoilers, news & gossip, links, and so much more!

NetLingo (posted by Java cat)
Chat Acronyms and E-mail Shorthand

The Cook's Thesaurus (posted by DCJensen)
The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.

weebl & joe: Pie! (posted by Java cat)
Wondering why a particular dessert get so much press?

Netiquette (posted by Java cat)
Netiquette for discussion groups

Buffista Book Covers (posted by jengod)
Photos of the covers of the Buffista filk collection books given to the PTB in 2000.

PandaCam (posted by Jesse)
Panda Cam! Warning: possibly lethal cuteness.

Snowglobe (posted by Java cat)
Courtesy of Trudy

Creation Entertainment ~ Conventions for Fans (posted by daleglen)
Creation Entertainment hosts conventions for fans of Buffy, Angel, Xena, Farscape, Star Trek, Star Wars + more. Licensed Buffy & Angel merchandise on line and at conventions.

Project Xmas (posted by Katie)
A virtual Christmas Card project for the wonderful Andy Hallett! From the same site as the other projects for Andy, Project Get Well (which got 675 comments) and Project Birthday.

Webmonkey HTML Cheatsheet (posted by DCJensen)
What, you need a description?

Full Page Cat Stacking (posted by DCJensen)
"Oh well, these cats aren't going to stack themselves." -Topic!Cindy

Google Video Search (beta) (posted by DCJensen)
Search for recent video of TV shows (and others) online.

Special HTML characters page (posted by DCJensen)
Need a superscript ³? Need an icelandic Þ or a peace ☮ symbol? How about the Apple  logo? Here's the place to find the HTML.

Cats in sinks (posted by DCJensen)
Because the internet isn't surreal enough: Cats in sinks.

Random Kitten Generator (posted by DCJensen)

Good Stuff Happened Today (posted by Jesse)
Good stuff! Also cute pictures.

News Stories and Such

AICN Article - UPN Upfront - 5/18/2001
Article from AICN about the UPN upfront with promises of a two-hour premiere in August.

SciFi IGN Article - 'Words of Whedon' - 6/8/2001
Two-part interview with Joss about Tara's past and the Numfar of it all.

The Host with the Most - Andy Hallett
jengod's interview with Andy Hallett, the actor behind GGG.

The Onion AV Club - Interview with Joss Whedon
Quite possibly the definitive Joss interview.

The Spoiler Slayer
A running scorecard of the hits and misses of various season 6 spoiler sources. Even if you aren't a spoiler whore, there's some interesting content here, including an analysis of the 'Buffy formula.' Article - 4/25/2001
David Greenwalt speaks about Angel's second season. Spoilers for stuff after Angel 2.18.

Recommended Fanfiction

Conversation With the Monster (posted by victor infante)
Twenty years in the future, Xander and Dawn reveal hidden truths about the First Evil, and tell the lost tale of a conversation between Adam and the First. (Spoilers for Season Seven.)

Doyle Investigations
Who would help the hopeless if Buffy & Angel were both dead? This website takes its inspiration from the Alternative Universe of the BvVS episode 'The Wish' and explores the idea of Doyle, Faith & Wesley fighting the good fight in LA. Intriguing idea.

'Acid-Test' by Yahtzee
A good Xander-centric story by Yahtzee. For other Yahtzee stories, go to and search for Yahtzee.

'Biblioteque Diabolique' - Collected Fic by Kassie and Lar
Some lovely lovely fic here. Lots of slash, some het, some NC17, some PG, something for everybody. And some mouthwatering & WONDERFUL things happen to Lindsey. Mmmm...

'Bizarre Love Triangle' by Lovesbitca
What if Willow and Tara decided they really needed a man in their lives? Hilarious. Snarky. Unrealistic, but in a *good* way. And the voices are dead-on.

'Blinded With Science' by Jonquil
Willow-Spike fic, gets graphic towards the end.

'Blood And Water' by Rheanna
Angelfic; won a Halo Award.

'Cicatrix' by Te, Debchan & the Spike
The much-discussed 'Cicatrix', a novel-length Buffy AU in three parts.

'Crave' by Rheanna
Author's Summary: Set during first season, between 'Parting Gifts' and 'Somnambulist'. When magic intended to help a drug addict goes wrong, Angel is left increasingly unable to control his craving for blood - and Wesley and Cordelia must face the most d

'Dianthus Barbatus' by Kate the Cursed
It is Season Two and Angelus goes on a twisted rampage while the Slayer is out of town.NC-17 for angst, smut, coercion, rape, murder, bondage, blood-play, torture, sexual torture, multiple parties, violence, b/d, s/m, incest, -- what can I say, vampires i

'DMZ' by The Spike
Slash. Angel/Xander, set in the early days of the show. Dark and twisted and perceptive and sexy. Continued in the sequel 'Stand Down.'

'Dyeing Young' by The Mad Poetess
You meet the strangest people in the hair-color aisle late at night.... snerkage abounds.

'Eastward' by Abi Z.
Slash sequel to 'Keepsakes'. Lindsey hits the road and finds someone else who's searching for redemption and peace.

'Nightwatch' by Webrain
Spike/Xander Slash. Decidedly NC 17.

'Phoenix Burning' by Yahtzee
It's makin' everybody cry.

'Reunion' by Kerry Blackwell
'Inon' and 'Homecoming' from a New Zealand-based (Kiwi?) fanfic author.

'Stand Down' by The Spike
Slash sequel to 'DMZ.' Angel/Xander. Still twisted and dark, still perceptive.

'' by Perri Smith
Email exchanges between the members of the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations.

'The Good Fight' by Naomi Chana
Angel-less Angel Investigations gets an unexpected new client. Set just after 'Blood Money' - some very nice characterisation & a cracking little plot featuring Ethan Rayne.

'Vivere' by Rheanna
A wonderful, wonderful story by one of the best Angel authors out there. To summarize it would ruin it. Just read it.

'Want Vs. Need' by Brenda Antrim
Slash, Angel/Lindsey. The story departs from canon after 'Darla', as Lindsey tries to balance his feelings for Darla with his connection to Angel. 'Innate Darkness' is also good, but very dark.

'You always hurt the ones you love' by Lar
Sequel to 'Kissing on the First Date' - Lindsey/Angel, decidedly NC 17. Set just after 'Shanshu'. Splendid.

Buffy Fic by RivkaT and Mustang Sally
Two story-telling goddesses turn their computers on the Jossiverse. Result: Kickass plotting, twisted narrative techniques, and fabulous Spikean voice. And some hot smut. Kiddies, stay away.

All Rheanna's excellent Angel fic, including 'Crave' but also 'Splinter', 'For One Night Only' and various others. Read like episodes.

Eterniata - Eros Unbound
Some of the very best 'Ship fic around. Almost entirely adult, both het & slash. Pretty much every character to feature in the Jossverse is in here somewhere, including Graham and Jonathon.

Everything by Harpy
Adult B/A fanfiction. Very good and very well written.

The main archive here is for Roswell fic, but Elizabeth also writes fabulous Buffy/Spike and Angel/Lindsey.

Jennifer Oksana's Page
Wide range of AtS fic by Jennifer Oksana - some excellent characterisations, especially Wes and Cordy imho, but she's a v. good all-rounder. Some really original and intriguing plots, especially the 'Old Movie Series'. Highly recommended. (some 'ship, som

The best Lindsey-centric fic. Largely adult. Some het, some slash.

Metamorphic Roses
Giles/Jenny shippery goodness. Submit your fic today!

Polyamorous Recommendations
Assorted fanfic, including an excellent selection of Buffy & Angel fic. Largely slash/adult, with some excellent character voices. Includes a hilarious Spike/Angel/Host story and a surprisingly good Spike/Giles piece.

Robyn the Snowshoe Hare's Fic
Has everything from hysterically funny to completely bizarre to three-hanky depressing. Go NOW.

Julie Fortune's Fan Fiction
Good, fan fiction that reads like an episode of the show.

s u n d o w n
ljc's main BTVS/Angel site. Contains gorgeous wallpapers, fanfic and fanfic-writers' resource sites for Angel, Spike & Cordy.

YMMV, a fanfic recommendations site
This is a multi-fandom recs site, but the Buffy/Angel fic that appears on it is top notch. Check it out. Oh, some slash content, and plenty of NC-17 stuff.

Shrift's Buffy Fiction Archive
Self-explanatory, no?

Nomad's Realm (posted by Java cat)
Lots of links, including Donna the Vampire Slayer (West Wing cross-over)

'Crave' by Rheanna (posted by Jon B.)
Author's Summary: Set during first season, between 'Parting Gifts' and 'Somnambulist'. When magic intended to help a drug addict goes wrong, Angel is left increasingly unable to control his craving for blood - and Wesley and Cordelia must face the most d

'Crave' by Rheanna (posted by Jon B.)
Author's Summary: Set during first season, between 'Parting Gifts' and 'Somnambulist'. When magic intended to help a drug addict goes wrong, Angel is left increasingly unable to control his craving for blood - and Wesley and Cordelia must face the most d

Worship Tim Minear

The Might of Minear
The lovely and talented Tim Minear talks to the lovely and talented Sarah Kuhn.

The Minearketeers
Created by Kristen, this is the center of Tim worship online.

The Minearketeers Online Store - Powered by
Buy Tim stuff and support

Tim Minear: The UMTA Posts
Tim is a busy little Internet bee. This is an archive of his posts on the newsgroup

Tim on USEnet
Search for recent Tim posts on Angel newsgroups.

Wonderfalls official site (posted by § ita §)
Do you believe?

Other Discussion Boards

Salon Table Talk
Birthplace of the Buffistas, Table Talk is the communities section of Now fee-for-service. Soon to disapper.

Angel and Lilah
A group for people who enjoy the interaction between Angel and Lilah. This isn't a 'shippers site, but it does explore what exactly their relationship is and the different aspects of it. Discussion, fan fiction, news, fanart, pics, images, spoilers, episo

Hellmouth Cafe Chat room (posted by DCJensen) #buffy A place to chat about the Whedonverse without getting hit upon by unknown perverts. Formed at a different site by ex-pats of ATVBVS newsgroup. Kind of slow now, but the old regulars show up from time to time. We lost a few people

Travels With Child (posted by hippocampus)

Fan clubs

Fury's Fanatics
Approved by the cranky bastard himself.

Jane's Junkies (posted by Allyson)
Go. Worship Jane Espenson. Go NOW. What's your problem? Click the link, already! Pshaw. You're not good enough for Jane, anyway. Only the coolest people can hang with Jane.

Minions of Ultimate Drew (posted by victor infante)
Your one stop for worship of our all mighty lord and master, Drew Goddard. "Ah, I love the smell of narcissistic boy genius in the morning!" Plus, zombies? Wicked cool.

Buffista Web Journals

Buffistas' LiveJournal (posted by jengod)
The Buffista Web Journal.

Angus's Way (posted by Angus G)
Angus G's blog. Music, films, books, TV, gossip, eclectica, ephemera.

The First's Live Journal (posted by victor infante)
Get inside the intimate thoughts of the incorporeal emodiment of all things dark, evil and downright no good. Remember, when you've spent all eternity unable to touch or be touched, maybe all you really need is a hug.

connie neil, snarling at the universe on the web (posted by Connie Neil)
dark mutterings, a place to keep the strange dreams so I can figure them out later, stuff that I don't mind having on the web because the people it's referring to can't find it

Other TV

Cupid (v.2) recaps on TWoP (posted by Topic!Cindy)
I watch the Cannavale/Paulson version, so you don't have to. Scene by scene weecaps, snark and whinging by Buffista Cindy

Television Tropes & Idoms Wiki (posted by Gus)
A community-built repository of frequently found on TV plots, tropes, idioms, and devices.

Lost Screencaps (posted by § ita §)

CSI Screencaps (posted by § ita §)

Alias Screencaps (posted by § ita §)

How I Met Your Mother recaps on TWoP (posted by Topic!Cindy)
Scene by scene recaps (okay, "weecaps" but I die a little inside, whenever I use that word) of the delightful HIMYM, by Buffista Cindy.

Veronica Mars Screencaps (posted by § ita §)

Lost recaps on TWoP (posted by Topic!Cindy)
Scene by scene recaps of Lost, into which I slip in some Buffista snark, whenever possible -- by Buffista Cindy.


Women In Refrigerators (posted by § ita §)
This is a list I made when it occurred to me that it's not that healthy to be a female character in comics. I'm curious to find out if this list seems somewhat disproportionate, and if so, what it means, really.

New Comics Release List (posted by § ita §)
Updated every Tuesday with the week's new comics for sale in the US.

All things Buffy (and Buffista) on the Web, in a handy list format:
Buffista Links
The filkiest filk to be filked is filked here: