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Welcome to This site is the online home of the Buffistas, a worldwide community of friends, brought together over the last two decades (and counting!) by our shared love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly.
 Film and TV Discussions
Discussions of original programming on HBO, Showtime, Starz and other premium channels. True Blood, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Weeds, Dexter, etc. [NAFDA]
This is the Buffistas movie talk thread. Drop on by…
Supernatural discussion can be found here. [NAFDA]
Thread for discussion of comedy television shows. [NAFDA]
Discussion of shows that are only available on the net.
Thread for discussion of procedural television shows. [NAFDA]
Discussions of sci-fi/fantasy shows we watch. Doctor Who, Arrow, The Flash., iZombie, Sleep Hollow, the100, etc. May contain HoYay.
Discussion of all Marvel Cinematic Universe related movies and TV shows
Discussion of Veronica Mars can be found here. [NAFDA]
A thread to discuss television and online animation
Discussion of past seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
The place for casting and other vague spoilers for any currently running show. [NAFDA]
Discuss any and all new Joss Whedon projects here, including Dr. Horrible.
Spoilers for any and all currently running TV shows. [NAFDA]
Thread for the discussion of original cable drama--but not scifi/fantasy (that's Boxed Set!) or pay-to-play (that's Premium Cable!). Psychics, detectives, surgeons, and firemen welcome. [NAFDA]
Thread for discussion of non-fiction television, including documentaries and reality shows. [NAFDA]
Discussion of the collective works of Tim Minear. Wonderfalls, The Inside and Drive included. Beagles optional. [NAFDA]
Discussion of all things Firefly, including Serenity.
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