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  • The Buffistas are an inclusive, welcoming, and flame-free community. Play nice, and you've found a home away from home. If you make personal attacks or offensive posts, or try to start a fight, you will be shunned. However, newbie mistakes are usually corrected gently and informally. Lurk for a while and you'll learn our language.

  • We talk a lot. Most of our ramblings are in the Natter threads --- if it's off-topic for another thread, that's probably where it belongs. Please don't natter in the bureaucracy threads, in Sunnydale Press, our general announcements thread, or in Apocalypse, our personal announcements thread. Misplaced Natter may be deleted.

  • Don't post spoilers outside the spoiler threads. We consider spoilers to be anything that has not yet been broadcast. This includes TV Guide-type listings, actors' contracts, etc. --- basically, anything that has not yet been broadcast belongs in a spoiler thread.

  • We have many posters who aren't from North America and are therefore half a season or more behind. Don't taunt them. Please keep all discussion of current episodes in the NAFDA threads. The UnAmerican thread is obviously a safe zone, but so are Natter and Buffista Bureaucracy.

  • If you do accidentally post a spoiler, please either delete it or white it out. If you don't, a Stompy Foot may do it for you.

  • A few board members are considered to be Big Stompy Feet. They are wise, they are considerate, they are smart, and they have smiting capability. The Feet can delete any post at any time or refuse service to anyone, but they use their super-powers for good. If they ask for your cooperation with something, please comply.

  • While we may occasionally mention Buffy or Buffista-related goods, please don't spam us. Thanks. Besides, we all have large penises already.

  • Consistent demon-like behavior may earn a warning from the Stompy Feet. If you don't listen to the warning, you will be suspended for two months. And if you come back unreformed, you will be banned. Banning is rare and very much a last resort. Just FYI, our back-up boards on WorldCrossing and PeoplesForum are also Buffista Zones, and are subject to the same etiquette rules as the Phoenix.

  • The FAQ, which is strongly recommended reading, is that-a-way. We have a fairly elaborate community, with many specialty boards, something of a local dialect, and many posters from all over the world. So read the FAQ, as it will acquaint with you with the personality of the board.

  • If you have questions or concerns about Buffista policies, please visit the Bureaucracy thread located on the right sidebar. Discussions about administration, moderation, and community take place in this thread. If you encounter etiquette problems, this is also the place to air grievances.

  • The Buffista Credo was well summed up by Julie who posted the following,
    This isn't a chat room. It's not even a particularly fast moving posting board. Partly, that's because I bet you dollars to doughnuts the vast majority of the people on this board spend a lot more of their time here reading, than writing. And partly that's because people here are aware that every bit of black text they put up on the screen, and every time they press post message, they are telling the community something about themselves. Most people want that to be a positive message.

    If a thread isn't moving fast enough for you then you have two choices. You can leave it alone and not poke it. Or you can make a meaningful contribution that shows knowledge of your audience, is written in language and a style designed to elicit responses from your readers and that makes you accessible to the people with whom you seem to want to share your time.

    There are no short cuts to fitting in. And when you're one of eight hundred registrations and a couple of hundred active posters? The onus is going to rest entirely in your lap.

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