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Welcome to This site is the online home of the Buffistas, a worldwide community of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly fans.

The Buffista community began as part of Table Talk,'s discussion forum. When Table Talk became a subscription service in August 2001, a large group of us decided to go our own way. After making a temporary home at while we built and tested this site, we moved here permanently on 17th September, 2002. For more about us, please read our FAQ.

The heart of this site is the discussion forum, where we engage in our favourite pastime: friendly, intelligent and imaginative discussion of Buffy, Angel and Firefly... as well as just about everything else. This site also houses the Buffista filk archive, an archive of previous threads, and a list of our favourite Buffy, Angel and Firefly links.

We welcome new participants in the discussion forum. Before you can post, you need to sign up here. Also, we recommend that you make time to read the FAQ and the etiquette guide; as well as answering some questions, they'll give you a taste of whether the Buffistas are your kind of people.

This site is maintained entirely through donations from individual Buffistas. If you'd like to contribute, please email and we'll let you know how. is a fan-owned-and-operated site, and is not affiliated in any way with Mutant Enemy, Fox, UPN, or The WB. Individual posters are responsible for the content of their posts.

Credits: Site development, coding and design: ita, Gudanov, Jon B, John H, Michele T., DXMachina, TomW.

Fundraising: Sophia Brooks, Jesse.

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